Design to Fit the Envelope!

Have you ever designed a piece that was awesome ON THE COMPUTER!  It was an odd size and you chose some funky paper that was going to be great.  But then you find out AFTER it is printed that there isn't an envelope that fits your piece... while it has to mail out in a few days and there's not enough time or money to have them specially made. Ugh!

Know your envelope sizes, papers & availability BEFORE you design that showpiece!


Order Checklist

Obtain the best final results for your printed piece by following the check list below:

  • Envelope size and style
  • Type of stock (grade, weight, color, finish)
  • Window size, style, position and window patch material (if window is needed)
  • Quantity of envelopes required
  • Description of printing method including:
  • Full coverage/heavy coverage
  • Bleed
  • Reverse print
  • Perfecting (printing on sealing flap or back side as well as front)
  • Close registration
  • PMS Color(s)
  • Tinting inside
  • Delivery requirements